My name is Jess Joyce, I’m an SEO Consultant who physically resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I’ve *lived* on the internet for most of my adult life and have enjoyed surfing through the ebbs and flows that it’s gone through.

Sometimes I talk in places around the city about search engine optimization, or online helping small businesses get a bit more understanding about this option for their digital marketing too.

Most times you’ll find me manifesting a cabin in the woods, wearing some sort of SEO gear and talking to clients about how they can use images, videos and maybe even web stories to help grow their organic channels.

Talking to clients about something SEO related, “should we move all this content to a sub-folder?”

The idea of Internet Musings is to connect those and they’re not always SEO related. We all spend a lot of time using this medium so I truly think it’s helpful to connect where we started to where we’re going.

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SEO Consultant talks about the internet, music and Simpsons.


Internet builder and marketer who loves music + the Simpsons.